AUSRL Official Website

Alberta Ukrainian Self-Reliance League (also referred to as “AUSRL”) is a “Not for Profit Society” in the Province of Alberta and is a Service Organization of the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada.

The primary objectives of AUSRL are:

  • To support the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada in its promotion of Christian Fellowship and enhancement of the Ukrainian Orthodox Faith.
  • To support the perpetuation and growth of the Ukrainian Heritage in Alberta through the activities of its component and related organizations.
  • To facilitate for all Albertans the education, instruction, training and research in areas of Canadian history, cultural heritage and cultural diversity.
  • To become well informed as to the activities of registered Canadian charitable organizations, foundations and not for profit organizations and to assist morally, physically and or financially those requesting help and having objects consistent with the objects of the AUSRL.

Members of AUSRL must always practice:

  • Respect for ourselves and others.
  • Responsibility for our actions and decisions.
  • Reliance on ourselves.